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Instructors: The K.A.Y. Method

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This is the introductory program and will be one on one via zoom. Individually we will choose a weekly date to accommodate your schedule. During this one on one I strongly suggest providing honest feedback for future in person programs. Each session is 1.5 hours. Join our comprehensive program designed to equip instructors with the skills and techniques needed to effectively teach paint classes to others. Learn the K.A.Y. Method, a proven approach that focuses on fostering creativity and engaging students in a collaborative learning environment. Embark on a journey to master the art of teaching painting with 'Instructors: The K.A.Y. Method'. This program is meticulously crafted to enhance your instructing abilities, offering a blend of effective teaching techniques, communication strategies, and leadership skills. Designed for both new and experienced instructors, it aims to instill the K.A.Y. Method's principles in your instructional approach. With the support of K.A.Y., you'll learn to inspire and guide attendees to artistic success. By joining this program, you become part of a dedicated community striving to create a significant impact through art. Sign up to transform your instructing practice and to help others discover the joy of painting. Enroll today for a transformative experience in personal and professional development.

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