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Art Therapy Box

Monthly Subscription


Sign up before the 1st of the new month!


Your box will ship out to you the first week of every month!


2 Art Therapy Prompts & 1 Step By Step Video Tutorial!


Your first box will include paint brushes, palette and cloth logo apron. Each additional month you’ll be shipped 3 new and original projects. Kits include the 3 painting surfaces, instructions, acrylic paint and link to online tutorial and paint. Painting surfaces will vary depending on project. It typically will include unstretched primed canvas rolls cut to size. 


You can paint on your own schedule. This box enables you to paint when you want in the comfort of your own home while you create your master peace. :)


Brushes, palette and cloth apron is included in the first box only. If you find yourself needing these items again, feel free to purchase them from your local art store. Or you can purchase them directly from this website. 

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